PTSD is a disorder that is treatable and, with the Lord’s help, curable.

We are certain that people who suffer with PTSD can recover from it and live a normal happy life. Furthermore, there is an excellent chance that it can be prevented altogether when treated prior to onset.

Cass County Wounded Spirits is a biblically based counseling ministry that offers free help through biblical principles to address the needs of anyone suffering from PTSD.

Most commonly associated with military in places of combat, PTSD actually afflicts millions of non military men, women, and children yearly. Anyone can experience a traumatic event from an automobile accident, natural disaster, or violence against them in some way. PTSD can be treated and recovery can be found in God.

CCWS offers counseling to anyone and also regular classes are offered to learn about the affects of PTSD. The next course begins October 30, 2019 for ten weeks at Heartland Baptist Fellowship.